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:( December 8, 2010

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It’s Wednesday 8th December, and I get my feelings mixed up.

I was hoping to get my college certificate today, but then the person in charge was in meeting and yeaah I’m not the one with the power here. Oops, and I guess I have made my blog as my diary. You see, the world keep spinning and everyone seems doing their life forwardly and me?

1. I quit my job

2. I got a new job (not temporary)

3. I hope I can go to a vacation which will not gonna happen

Yeah so far I’m enjoying my life. But then today, I got crushed, jealous, and well not cheated but I got mad. I was a fool. I got stupid, too much faith and tell myself that the way I chose is right, and turns out everything is wrong. I made a wrong decision, wrong move, all I can do is complain. All I need now is my girlies, and friends to evaporate all what’s left, all the feeling I have and get me back on my horse, stopping me from stupid decisions I’m gonna make, and many wishlist I will make after new year.

I’m not going back, I will stay and do what I wanted to do.


Today December 5, 2010

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Got Maroon Five tickets for Indonesia Show

Got Enough sleep for today

Got superb rest although not quite a nap

Watched a dvd afterwards

Had a me time

Spent much much money –> Getting it more someday



Regret September 19, 2010

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As we live, I do aware there’ll be much much much mistakes that i might gonna make, which I did. Like what I didi this night, since I got nothing to do, so I did a lil searching which ended up with me regretting why I did search for that person and saw things I should NOT see. Hmm. Why am I whining again?

Well anyhoo,  I actually got more greater dilemma. As I posted on my previous web, I do work now since november 2009. It was good until now, where now I ends up living (working) in this small remote city in Lampung. Never crossed in mu mind that I would go even live in the city which I know exist because I HAVE to work here. So far the people r nice, and I have a great dorm dude who has a car (unfortunately I can’t borrow it) and nice house owner. My life are turning upside down. And I almost can’t stand it. I did say almost well I survived, for now. But tomorrow, a month from now, I don’t know. I think I’m gonna run. Yep that’s what I do, run.

And for the little small problem I have. I regret it very much. I have this things on my mind as soon as I read the note. Sorry for the trespassing I did, and for the disbelieve I have (now) for the uncertain I have for you. Yes you there yep that dude right over there. I shouldn’t be pushy and curious, and giving hopes and assureness (is that a word?). And after I read that special note which for you, not for me, it gives me tummyache and regret and more regret to come.

Hail to the mistakes to come!!!!


It’s time to wake up February 27, 2010

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As I sitting here at my desk in my room suppose typing about my ass-ignment, I recall i have a blog!!! and here i am typing u dear abandoned blog.

So yeah I graduated, got a job, have a brand new life aside from college life, got new friends at work, no social or entertaining life and live freakin’ tired monday to friday. I dunno whether I should love it or damned it. But so far I gotta stick with this life I have.

I’m 21!! no surprise but I guess I have to start worrying about my future. since my colleague are far more older than me, and they have already decided what they’re gonna do and talks like plans and stuff. My close colleague of mine also getting married. She’s 22, have the same birthday as me (isn’t that weird?) and yep she’s ready to take the next step of life. While here I am complaining (almost everyday) about how tired and turns out that real world is cruel.

I gottta survive this whole brand new world that I’m havin, new environment, and whole more energy to put into it. Lack of privacy, more fake smiling and politeness to show, and caging.

one by one my dreams are taken away. But I do hope there’ll be more new dreams to catch on.

Hello reality, adiós dreams. It’s time to wake up.


lesson learned December 4, 2008

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gue baru nonton twilight tadi ber 13!!! hahaa angka yg agak fantastis ya.. filmnya sangat menyentuh daan yaa cewe bgt si. it’s actually kinda cheesy and more likely a “korean so sweet” movies. but overall i liked it.

but the main thing i wanna write is lesson learned i hv after i watched the movie. well there’s an event which will be held the next day. And to be honest i’m not going to come. besides of there’s a quiz at saturday and stuff to be worried about rather than doing this activity. what i get is don’t be a selfisy snobberheaded person if you don’t relly know what world is. you should listen to the people who more knowledgable and give them your respect. not only to the people you need but all of people. because maybe someday they will help you and you gonna need that help.


10 things you should know

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I’ve been invited recently by my friend the birdie who tells me this game which in the post i should describe about myself in 10 things..

1. I’m a green tea frappucino holic which I really love the frap and evrytime i go to Starbucks i always order it. even i seldom order in Venti

2. I’m a tv series freak whether i watched it by buffering it from some channel online or by downloading it. But i’m a freak tv show. I hardly lie without ’em.

3. I’m a dog lover and my dreams of a perfect home to live on (if i have my own house) is at least i can have two dogs in my house.

4. I hate pepper and chilli and paprika.

5. I like zombies better than ghosts movie

6. I currently watched HBO signature at 11.59 pm

7. bener2 gaptek and really don’t care what I look when it’s on college days

8. Live in Cisitu Indah

9. Dream to be a successful and independent woman. (I will achieve it)

10. Sangat sering menonton film2 so sweet dan mendapati sebelahnya cowo2. jadi di saat pengen nangis2an gengsi dooong yaudah dehh jadi ktawa2. heheeh


equality November 15, 2008

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when we go to a shopping mall or else the service at least have to be equal to all customer. but the feeling that i felt now is 180 degrees different. I am the customer which doesn’t served. well actually in a different situation. Inequality is definitely what i felt now. I have to taking all the dump while others have fun and relish the moment?? i don’t think so.

so here I am with a new me, i kinda reminded by ne-yo song miss independent where i think now i’m prepared to be independent, having all my problems with my own. i can stand on myself and i can responsible to all of my act. don’t need to worries becaue it is not ur job to felt sorry. I hv been on my own for years and i can be alright without ur wings and help. now it’s ime to get serious.

I will show u that with inequality of affection can turn a girl into a woman.